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About us

TSH Metal Foreign Trade Ltd. establised by people who have 20 years of experience and expertise in their respective sectors, and its main office is located in Tekstilkent which is one of the important trade centers of Istanbul. With our experience on various fields, we aim to offer high quality goods with a fair price policy to our customers. We currently export to 15 different countries and our main export areas include Europe, Balkans, Middle East and North Africa. We supply raw materials and finished goods for hygiene and medical industries from our Istanbul warehouse (including stripes for black heads), produce wet wipes in Selçuk/İzmir plant Along with iron, ferro alloys and non-ferrous materials from our warehouses in Ankara and Konya. Thanks to our locations in the major cities of Turkey, we can supply the all the goods in our product range in the best way as our customers demand.

Partner Companies & Representation

  • TSH Turkey
  • Metasim
  • Mavi Pak
  • Cıgna Metals
  • TT&SR
  • EGT
  • ICF